Scouting and Youth

The club’s Scouting and Youth activities include:

  • Our classes and testing services make it easy for youth to get licensed.
  • We encourage youth to set a goal of getting their Extra license by 18 years old and we have programs to make that  doable.
  • However, getting licensed and radio operations are different skills. Our activities also focus on real world Amateur radio skills in electronics, RF modes, antennas, in a fun, positive atmosphere.
  • Youth learn communications, support safety in their group and later the community as they then teach other youth groups.
  • We offer short term loan of radio equipment to help youth get on the air and cut wire.
  • Our repeater stations are available to young hams to develop communication skills in an experimental learning atmosphere – while also making contacts around the world.
  • Our amateur radio station provides leading edge modes, such as satellites, remote HF, digital, etc., to help youth develop Amateur radio skills for career and advanced studies and experience with projects for the community.

Specifically we also provide activities for youth to earn their:

  • Girl Scout Wireless patch;
  • BSA merit badge workshops for Radio and Electronics merit badges;
  • BSA Morse code interpreter’s strip; and
  • BSA Eagle project – our club has sponsored many Eagle projects – contact us if interested

In addition, for many of our STEM projects, we also provide appropriate badges and other tokens that indicate the youth’s growing STEM expertise in computers, communications, electronics, etc.  Ham radio is all about applied STEM.

For more information please contact Dave Wickert, AE7TD, at