About us

In amateur radio, all frequencies are shared and are available for the benefit of everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, gender expression, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Lake Washington Ham Club's mission is to create a positive and welcoming environment for all amateur radio operators and enthusiasts where everyone can learn, enjoy the hobby, explore new challenges, and build life-long friendships. As such, we show respect to one another as peers and conduct ourselves to earn that respect at all times.

Early club history

K7LWH, the Lake Washington Ham Club, has its roots as a radio community project designed to help people of all ages (especially kids 9-12 years old) earn an Amateur Radio License from the FCC. In 1993 ICOM of America agreed to loan Dave Condon, an elementary school teacher, an amateur radio. Dave earned his Novice and Technician class licenses with the help of the Boeing Amateur Radio Club and began to use the equipment in his classroom. From that start in 1993, the amateur radio project has gone on to license thousands of students, parents, and members of the community. Since then, the club continues to promote amateur radio within our community with many adult and youth-oriented services.

Contacting us

General questions about the club should be sent to board@lwhc.groups.io or send a postal letter to:

Lake Washington Ham Club
P.O. Box 2432
Kirkland, WA 98083 USA

Club leadership

  • Club President - Brian Stucker, KB2S - kb2s@lakewashingtonhamclub.org
  • Vice President - Jennifer Hoof, KK7BRR - kk7brr@lakewashingtonhamclub.org
  • Secretary - Jennifer Hoof, KK7BRR - kk7brr@lakewashingtonhamclub.org
  • Treasurer - Don Sayler, W7OXR - w7oxr@lakewashingtonhamclub.org

Past board members

  • Ron Poole, KF7YHQ, Membership
  • "dB" Baker, WA3DB (SK), Vice President
  • Bill Vaughn, KJ7BIH, Secretary
  • Dave Wickert, AE7TD, President
  • Eric Jarvi, AD7F, Vice President
  • James Wraalstad, WQ7H, Secretary
  • Steve Davis, KI7ICL, Secretary
  • Horace Hamby, N7DRW, Secretary
  • Chris Shriver, KE7EBL, President
  • Leanne Clawson, KE7MJS, Vice President
  • Dave Condon, KI7YP, Founding Secretary/Treasurer
  • Conrad Thompson, N7DUO (SK), Founding Vice President
  • John Schurman, AA7UJ, Founding President