Health & Wellness Net Script

This is held each day at 11:00AM Pacific. Net control operators are encouraged to check equipment and signal quality prior to starting net.
If you are having a hard time coming up with a good question you can always ask people what they have been up to lately. For any questions, please contact our Net Control Manager John, W7JSM.

Pre-Net Script:

Two minutes until the LWHC Health and Wellness Net.

The optional question of the day will be __________________.

This is [Name and Call] standing by for net.

Net Script:

Good Morning! This is Name , call . Transmitting from , WA. I am your net control operator for today’s ____date_______ Lake Washington Ham Club 11am Health and Wellness Net.

This net meets daily 7 days a week at 11am to provide a daily “check in” for our members and other hams who can reach us.

We have 4 linked repeaters, on 4 amateur bands, located on Rose Hill in Kirkland, WA. On our website, you can find the frequencies, offsets and tones, as well as Allstar and Echolink information by clicking on the repeater tab.

This is a directed net, so all calls will come through me. This net is open to all stations holding a valid Amateur Radio License. You will find plenty of friends and Elmers on this net. Please let us know if this is your first amateur radio contact.

When I ask for traffic, please check in one at a time with your callsign and name. Please avoid tailgating as each station will be acknowledged individually. Once I have logged several callsigns, I’ll return to each station to give a report. Before keying up and giving your report, please wait for the repeater to drop the carrier. You will hear the courtesy tones and then 2 seconds the carrier will drop. I’ll demonstrate that now.

When you give your report, please limit your time to 3-minute segments as that’s when our repeaters time out. The real time monitor also on the repeater tab of the website is a great resource for this.

Today’s optional question of the day is ___________________________________

And of course, please share with us anything you have been up to lately.

When you’re done with your report, please remember to sign off using your call sign. This is to comply with FCC regulations and to let me know you’re done with your report.

I will take check-ins now one at a time. Please come ahead now with your name and call.


Thank you to all # participants today. It was wonderful to hear from all of you and hear what you had to share. We have nets daily at 11 am pt, and 2 evening nets: Tuesday night social net at 7pm, Wednesday night (Louie Net) (recycle, repurpose and reuse) at 7pm. There is also an informal no host round robin net on Friday evenings at 7pm. Finally I’d like to thank the LWHC for the use of their repeaters. This net is now closed at _____ and the repeaters are returned to normal operations.

73, to all, this is __________ signing off.