7pm Wednesdays: The "Louie" Net

This net is held on Wednesday evenings at 7pm Pacific time.

“The Louie Net” is dedicated to David Clark’s work to save, repair, and recycle instead of buy.

Consumerism has moved us away from visiting repair shops. Inexpensive components and parts break before reasonable end of service life. Our culture emphasizes “Just buy another one” and “Bigger, newer and better.”

Testing, Repairing and building equipment is at the center of the Ham radio hobby.

The primary subject of the “Louie Net” is real-world repairs and solutions for broken equipment and products. Breathing new life into parts and products through creativity. Our focus is on “Break-Fix” – Getting out of situations using triage skills. Topics will include: Questions-of-the-day, social check-ins, and I/Os also welcome.

Come join us for an unusual net experience hosted on our linked Rose Hill repeater system.