March 4: Club Meeting

Our March club meeting will be held on the 4th at 9:00am Pacific via Zoom. Members may gather and chat before we begin the formal meeting at 9:30am. Please note that this is a change in the usual second Saturday time for the club to eliminate the conflict with the Mike & Key swap meet on the 11th.

The topic for this month is a retrospective covering the early history of the Lake Washington Ham Club from the 1990's into the mid 2000's. This was a very formative period for the club, and a very interesting look at what drove the club's early activities and mission around education and bringing new people (especially youth) that carries on through to today. Come join one of the three founders of LWHC, John Schurman (AA7UJ), and our newest board member and youth programs chair Jennifer Hoof (KK7BRR) take us through many key moments in the club's history!

Meeting ID: 827 9621 6629
Passcode: 73

We're looking forward to seeing you there, and as always, you do not need to have an amateur radio license or belong to the club to participate.