July 13: Monthly Club Meeting

Our club's next monthly club meeting will take place on Zoom on Saturday, July 13, 2024, from 9-11am.

Zoom doors open at 9am. Socialize and get to know each other better in open conversation while we give people time to join the meeting followed by the official meeting which begins at 9:30am.

  • Announcements. Brief reports on the operation of the club / net operations and the repeaters as well as other important announcements.
  • Our Some Assembly Required segment comes next. We highlight upcoming events and invite people to briefly talk about a project they're working on, or a question they might have. You might spark interest in others to join you or draw on the collective knowledge of the community for inspiration.
  • Presentation. The remainder of the meeting features a presentation that is of interest to the community that is related to amateur radio. The topics vary and we try to balance broad appeal as well as going deeper on specific topics.  

After the meeting, feel free to join our Health and Wellness Net at 11AM on the air after our meeting, or our next in-person gathering on July 20th on Cougar Mountain.

Presentation Details:

This month we will have two presentations:

  • New WSJT SuperFox mode - The newest version of WSJT-X includes a new version of FT8 called SuperFox mode. Come hear what SuperFox is all about, why it exists, when to use it, and how to use it. We will be seeing this mode more and more in upcoming radio events so get in on the action now!
  • Share your Field Day experiences - You are invited to share your own Field Day experience with everyone. Brian, KB2S, will talk about a 6 antenna, 5 station, multi-operator setup used to make over 1400 contacts in 24 hours.

We hope to see you there!