July 20: Cougar Mountain Regional Park

Our next Rain or Shine for the 2024 season will take place on July 20, 2024 (Saturday): 9am-2pm at Manning Trailhead in Cougar Mountain Regional Park, Issaquah.

Getting There:  

  • From Seattle, head west on I-90. Take exit 13 and turn right onto Lakemont Boulevard SE.
  • Follow the road for about 2.3 miles, then turn left onto SE Cougar Mountain Way.
  • Continue for about a mile, during which the road will turn into 168th Place SE and then SE 60th Street.
  • At the Y junction bear right to take SE Cougar Mountain Drive and follow the road to the top.
  • The Harvey Manning Trailhead parking lot is at the end of the road.

Talk-in Frequencies: LWHC Rose Hill Repeaters, K7LWH. (See repeater tab above for all frequencies, offsets and tones). The 11AM Health and Wellness Net will be run live from the park on these linked repeaters.

Tips for HF stations:  We want to ensure that everyone who wants to play at the same time on HF can do so with a minimum of interference. Operating a multi-rig HF station takes a bit of extra equipment and skill to ensure that receiver's front ends aren't overloaded. It is recommended that any operator bringing their HF rig be prepared with the following:

  • Be able to operate on at least 2 bands that are not harmonics of one another.
  • Bring a suitable band-pass filter for any band you might wish to operate on. Cheap coax stub filters should work fine, but you'll need to make them up in advance.

Radios Not Required! Folks are not required to bring any radio gear in order to have a fun and engaging time at our Rain or Shine events. In fact, you'll find lots of friendly folks who come just for the social aspect, and who enjoy catching up with other hams. Please read below to discover more about our Rain or Shine events.