February 11: Club Meeting

Our February club meeting will be held on the 11th at 9:00am Pacific via Zoom. Members may gather and chat before we begin the formal meeting at 9:30am.

Topics for this month's meeting include:

  • A brief introduction to the Civil Air Program program, by Hugh North, K7HNN. The CAP cadet program is an auxiliary force of the Air Force comprised of adults and teenagers whose missions, like EMCOMM activities, often require the use of radio coordinate activities on the ground as well as in the air.
  • A slightly less brief introduction to RF propagation at HF frequencies, by Brian Stucker, KB2S. No prior experience operating a NOAA ionosonde, or operating on HF is necessary. All you'll need is a curiosity of what's going on up above your head.
Meeting ID: 827 9621 6629
Passcode: 73

We're looking forward to seeing you there, and as always, you do not need to have an amateur radio license or belong to the club to participate.