April 1: Club Meeting

Springtime and our April club meeting are just around the corner. Our April meeting will be held on the 1st at 9:00am Pacific via Zoom. Members may gather and chat before we begin the show at 9:30am. Please note that once again this is a change in the usual second Saturday time for the club to eliminate the conflict with Spring Break.

We will start off with Anh (N7ANH) giving us a show and tell presentation about building a QRP transmitter from W1FB Doug DeMaw's "QRP Notebook".

This month's presentation is about having the courage and self-confidence to take on an imposing technical challenge. Many hams, new and old, may find themselves stuck figuring something out that they don't yet understand. This month, Brian (KB2S), will walk us through an potentially expensive and dangerous equipment repair that resulted in a renewed appreciation for believing in yourself and problem solving.

We're looking forward to seeing you there, and as always, you do not need to have an amateur radio license or belong to the club to participate.