6pm Mondays: Young hams net

Every Monday at 6 PM Pacific the Lake Washington Ham Club repeaters (K7LWH) host a net specifically to encourage young amateur operators to connect on the air, practice their radio skills, and talk about their interests, all while building the ham community. The Net Control Operators that coordinate and conduct this net are under eighteen. The net’s coordinator/Elmer is Jennifer Hoof, KK7BRR. The net is mentored by adult operators and all public transmissions may be recorded.

  • We have rotating Net Controllers - (youths only for NC positions, of course!).
  • First, we have rounds of check ins for youths (licensed youths and 3rd party traffic under the age of 18)
  • A visitor check-in round for any licensed amateur station who wants to say hello.
  • We have a question of the day; we use a script; we have fun and practice our skills while building community.

If you know of a young ham, new or experienced in this hobby, who is looking for a community of young hams to share with, OR if you are a mentor who would like to participate in this youth initiative, please contact Jennifer Hoof KK7BRR at kk7brr@arrl.net. She will send you the most up to date information!